One of the advantages of OverResponse is that you can listen to what is going on with the survey. For instance, you could call your own API when the user completes the survey.

Next example shows how you can do this by sending callbacks along the ORSettings object (click answers to view how the logger below the survey updates):

And the result from the events:


The code that is used to accomplish this is the following:

<div id="ORClientContainer"></div>

function appendContentToLogger(content) {
  // Be aware your user could send anything... it is unprocessed, unescaped and unencoded
  $('#LoggerExample').append('<div>- ' + content + '</div>');

var ORSettings = {
  surveyId: '51870fd5f6664b9314000011',
  containerId: 'ORClientContainer',
  alwaysShow: true,
  events: {
    onFirstItemChange: function(event) {
      appendContentToLogger('First item was answered with ' + event.response.value);
    onItemChange: function(event) {
      appendContentToLogger('An item was answered with ' + event.response.value);
    onSurveyFinish: function(event) {
      appendContentToLogger('Survey was finished');

var ORScript = document.createElement('script');
ORScript.async = true;
ORScript.src = '//';


As the note in the code indicates, there is no processing on the what the user submits to an item. So, if you plan to send the data to your server, please make sure you clean it.